Sophomores Slam Poetry at 3rd Annual Event

Ismah Ahmed'18, Natasha Burgo '18 and Rose Defendre'19
Hilltop Reporters 

-Photo by: Natasha Burgo 
First place winner Annecia Santana, receiving 
her award.
Durfee High School hosted its 3rd Annual Poetry Slam on May 4, 2018. The event was held at the Nagle Auditorium and was hosted by Steve Mota, an ELA teacher. 

-Photo by: Natasha Burgo
A finalist presenting her poem on stage.
Prior to the event each sophomore English class had its students write a piece of slam poetry. Each class chose a student to move on to the semi finals where the final seven were selected: Alexis Medeiros, Mariana Dinis, Morgan Marks, Jayden Macedo, Amya Mercado, Annecia Santana and Emanuel Mendoca. 

These seven finalists, presented their piece of poetry to the sophomore class in hopes of winning the first place prize: a $1000 scholarship from the Fall River Educators Association.

The winner of the competition, Annecia Santana, presented "How I Fly," a poem dedicated to her mother. The poem was about Santana's "one vivid memory" of her mother that came to her in a dream.

Shortly after receiving her first place reward Santana said, "Creating the poem was just all inspired by my mother, she past away when I was 3 years old and it was a big inspiration for me."

In second place, Alexis Medeiros performed "I Love Her," a poem dedicated to her mother who watched her from the audience. "Winning [2nd place] was was really good, but I feel like writing the poem was a struggle because I do deal with my mom's drug addiction every single day," said Medeiros.

-Photo by: Natasha Burgo
Photo above displays the judges holding up their 
scores for a finalist.
In third place, Amaya Mercado presented "My Reflection" describing her relationship with her father. "It was a really fun experience, I loved it, it was really nerve-racking, but once you get up there and into the moment it's really good," said Mercado. 

Judges of the Poetry Slam were Shayna Morgan, Director of Operations, Timarie Malo, school librarian, Ryan Fitzgerald, a former English teacher, Mike Costa, Dean of Social Studies, and Jillian Contois, last year's 2017 Poetry Slam Champion.

Costa commented "I know it takes a lot of guts for the kids to put themselves out there and I know they'll have the full support of the school."
-Photo By: Natasha Burgo
Annecia Santana posing with her first place award 
shortly after
receiving it. 

In the end, the final three each took home a poetry slam trophy. The first place winner, in addition to her trophy, will receive a $1000 scholarship from the Fall River Educators Association upon her high school graduation.


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