2019 Senior Superlatives

Congratulations to the following members of the Class of 2019 that were voted into the yearbook's Senior Superlatives.  Anyone listed needs to see Mrs. Silva in Room 461 ASAP.  Pictures will be taken on Monday, April 8th. Thank you!

Best Dressed-
Houssam Et-Tayfy
Raistlyn Aguiar

Best Smile-
Davon Gonsalves
Alexis Pacheco

Best Hair-
Curtis Perry
Hailey Pereira

Most Durfee Pride-
Kyle Neves
Kali Lima

Most Athletic-
Nilin Nehra
Barbara Da Cunha Silva

Most Outgoing-
Daniel Keyes
Kim Dy

Biggest Flirt-
Javier Beltran
Kya Thames

Most Talkative-
Jacob Roussel
Kayln Sardinha

Alex Oliveira
Sara Cornejo

Most Likely to Succeed-
Jailson Dasilva
Catarina Pereira

Class Couple-
Jacob Roussel & Raistlyn Aguiar

Couple that Never was-
Jude Thomas & Kya Thames 

Best Person to be Stranded on a Desert Island with-
Richard Torres
Madison Beaulieu

Best All Around-
Kyle Neves
Jasmine Manteiga

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation-
Tyler Teixeira
Amaya Travassos

Most Musically Talented-
Ethan DaSilva
Barbara Ferreira

Most Artistic-
Dararath Khon
Jamie Luciano

Life of the Party-
Daniel Keyes
Trinity Affonso

Class Clown-
Jonah Andrade
Delani Dubois

Most Likely to be found in the Senior Office-
Lucas Roque 
Maddison Langlois

Worst Case of Senioritis-
Evan Michael
Maddison Langlois

Most Changed since Freshman Year-
Jude Thomas
JIllian Contois

Most Addicted to Social Media-
Tyler Teixeira
Kelsie Whitney

Class Best Friends-
Jonah Andrade &  Zackery Silva
Jasmine Manteiga & Madison Beaulieu 


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