Junior Prom 2018: A Night to Remember

Elizabeth Brilhante '18
Hilltop Reporter

“All the bright precious things fade so fast… All my life. I wish it could always be like this.”- The Great Gatsby
-Photo by: Melissa Fogarty 
The Junior Class got all dolled up for a truly memorable night. The prom was held at Rachel's Lakeside in Dartmouth, Massachusetts on April 27, 2018.

Great Gatsby was the theme, which was definitely displayed with the black and gold color coordination. White feathers also depicted a 1920's feel for the students.

The event had been planned for months by Ms. Iannacone. Junior class president, Kyle Neves thought "Rachel's provided excellent service and food. The DJ was good...and the photo booth accommodation was amazing," as he got "a lot of great pictures to keep memories forever."
-Photo by: Melissa Fogarty
About 170 out of 504 students in the Junior Class attended the prom, making the attendance, according to Junior, Kolby Peixoto, “lacking a little, but made it better... very welcoming and comfy. The people that were there all got along very nicely and everybody seemed extremely happy.”

Although the attendance was slightly lower than usual, Junior Class Vice-President, Jasmine Manteiga, mentioned that it may have been “due to the fact that they didn’t know what to expect, but I honestly would have regretted if I personally never went...People who never even met each other were dancing with one another, creating new friendships.”

Neves felt that despite the attendance, there were “students from different friend groups” who simply came to “enjoy the day together…and make new friends and renew friendships.”
Juniors (left to right): Amaya Travassos, Madison Beaulieu, 
Jasmine Manteiga, and Jensen Riley, pose for pictures before
 the prom
In addition, the night was extremely special for two of the attendees, Peixoto and Sara Pavao. A cake was delivered to them, and they were surprised by those in attendance with a birthday song to celebrate.

Peixoto noted that “it was a complete surprise [and] absolutely amazing. That was the best moment in my opinion.” Neves believed this time “was one of community, where we got the whole room to sing and cheer on these two ladies, which showed how close and tight-knit we all are.”

Manteiga said that “prom made us closer as an overall class of 2019,” and it was “a great way to celebrate the end of a great school year.”

On behalf of the class, Neves, believed prom made “... Junior year that much more unforgettable [along] with pep rally, spirit-week, [and] powderpuff.” In addition, Peixoto stated prom was “ a good way for us all to de-stress with AP and SAT season draining a lot of us out...and even more excited for senior year.”

With just a few short days before the Juniors will take their place as Seniors, the Junior Prom was a memorable and unforgettable night.
                                Photo submitted by Jasmine Manteiga
                                       Photo submitted by Jasmine Manteiga
              Photo submitted by Jasmine Manteiga


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