And the Class of 2018 "Mr. Hilltopper" is...

          Elizabeth Brilhante '18, and Anne-Marie Brilhante '18
Hilltop Reporters

Photo By: Elizabeth Brilhante
Contestant Marco Ferreira steps forward to answer
his question from the judges.

Ten Senior boys competed for their chance at being crowned the 2018 Mr. Hilltopper on Thursday, May 17, 2018. 

This annual competition has been going on for about four years now, and the talent keeps getting better. 

The contestants included: Cameron Cabral, Richard Cabral, Cole Carmody, David Grannum, Marco Ferreira, Antonio Fonseca, Justin Karam, Ryan Mauricio, Zakary Souza, and Hadi Termos.

Souza said that he took part in the Mr. Hilltopper competition "to really soak up all the end of the year fun and make senior year more memorable."

The boys competed in four rounds: Formal Wear, Question & Answer, Swimwear, and Talent. Each boy chose their own talent, swimwear, and formalwear; however, the Q&A was an on the spot presentation. 

The panel of judges included: Mr. Costa, the Dean of Social Studies, Ms. Kaylor, the Senior Class Advisor, Ms. Iannaccone, a Senior English teacher, and Mr. McNeely, the Student Government Advisor. 

"The hardest part was giving a single number score for each performance. Each was so widely different and creative that they were often difficult to compare," said McNeely.
                                    Photo by: Elizabeth Brilhante
Ms. Kaylor, Ms. Iannaccone, Mr. McNeely, and Mr. Costa
pose for a picture while tallying up scores.

Jamie Tavares and Maille O’Brien were the hostesses for the event, and their fun enthusiasm, offering many jokes and comments, truly got the audience entertained, while also giving the boys some time to change for the next round. 

In particular, the girls shared trivia questions with the audience about their fellow classmate, Remy Dumont.

To determine the winner, the four judges chose the top 2 of the night. The third place position was voted on as a "Fan Favorite" by the audience members. 

Mr. Hilltopper 2018, Hadi Termos, was crowned with a traditional king's crown and robe and awarded a $100 cash prize. Second place was a tie score meaning that Ryan Mauricio and Richard Cabral each received a $50 cash prize, and lastly, the "Fan Favorite" winner was David Grannum, who received $25.
             Photo by: Elizabeth Brilhante
Hadi Termos is crowned with a traditional crown 
and robe.
All the boys did a fantastic job and really put themselves out there to the crowd.

"David Grannum had an incredible talent, and also Cameron Cabral did not disappoint as Class President," said Souza.

Mr. McNeely believed "the choreographed dance numbers were great, along with the costumes. Just seemed like they were all having fun."

The night was also a fundraising success, as a 50/50 raffle was held as well as a raffle for a Durfee Hilltopper Duffle Bag. All proceeds went to the Senior Class to help fund for end of the year activities.

As the year winds down for the senior class, the Mr. Hilltopper competition was just one of the many senior events that will truly top off the school year for the Class of 2018.
Photos by: Anne-Marie Brilhante


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