The Durfee Record Book Staff Announces 2018 Superlatives

Fall River- The following members of the Class of 2018 were voted in by their fellow classmates for this year's Senior Superlatives.

Best Dressed-
Darius Winslow
Eliominia Pires

Class Clown-
Elijah Coleman 
Maille O'Brien

Most Durfee Pride-
Cameron Cabral
Brittany Pavao

Most Outgoing-
David Grannum
Brittany Pavao

Best Smile-
Jayden Pimental
Jamie Tavares

Most Talkative-
Brian Brum
Maille O'Brien

Luke Cabral
Ashley Resendes

Class Best Friends-
Antonio Fonseca and Frankie DaSilva
Coral Ferreira and Alicia Reed

Most Likely to Succeed-
Christian Hutchins
Ann-Marie and Elizabeth Brilhante

Class Couple-
Korinne Dankievitch and Cameron Branco

Couple that never was-
Abigail Callahan and Remy Dumont

Best Person to be Stranded on a Deserted Island with-
Owen Norton 
Kylie Dias

Best All Around-
David Grannum
Shaelyn Carreiro 

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation-
Xavier Belanger 
Kiara Raposa 

Most Musically Talented-
Colton McGrath
Lauren Correia 

Most Likely to be found in the Senior Office-
Seth Floriano
Aysia Silva

Life of the Party-
Xavier Belanger 
Jazzlynne Lussier 

Biggest Flirt-
Antonio Fonseca 
Tala Sonallah 

Most Artistic-
Nolin Freitas
Kiara Raposa

Worst Case of Senioritis-
Patrick Chevalier
Jazzlynne Lussier

Most Changed since Freshman Year-
Brian Macdonald
Kaysey Rose 

Most Addicted to Social Media-
Darius Winslow
Jamie Tavares 

Most Athletic-
Matthew Saunders
Shaelyn Carreiro

Best Hair-
Zakary Souza
Chhavee Nhean


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